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Bijan Pirnia

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Personal Manifesto
For me photography is not a hobby or pastime. It is truly a passion, a way of life, and a calling. It is the sine qua non of my existence. I define passion as a fire that burns in your heart and gives meaning, purpose, and direction to your life. It is also a vision that no one can see but you. Through photography I communicate my feelings and depict how I see beauty. Nature photography affords me the opportunity to engage with landscape at profoundly emotional and intimate levels. To paraphrase the legendary photographer, Ansel Adams, when I look at the beauties and masterpieces of nature, I see something that is not physically there --- something I cannot put into words because it's a subjective reality that is built from within rather than extracted from without. It is precisely this inner world, this personal vision that I aspire to communicate through the photographic image.
Over the years, raising environmental awareness has been the impetus behind my photography. For as long as I can remember, I have had an incurable longing to make a difference and a meaningful contribution to the human condition. I believe in living for a cause that is infinitely greater than I --- a cause that informs and defines my life but is not defined or limited by my ephemeral existence. I agree wholeheartedly with the German philosopher, Friedrich Hegel in his assertion that " Life has value only when it has something valuable as its object." In the same vein, I have often thought that the purpose of life should be a life of purpose. The day I die, I want the world to be a vastly improved place because I raised awareness regarding the sanctity of nature and helped many an individual experience the truth in a statement made by William Shakespeare : "Nature has music for those who listen." Many years of personal experiences have taught me that this is music of a different kind. It is a mellifluous rhythm that beats to the glorious dance of creation. It is the hallelujah chorus of the universe that permeates verdant forests, accompanies ocean waves and torrential rivers, rides on idle clouds sailing across the sky, and can be heard in the whisper of a gentle breeze. Once you hear this divine symphony, a major shift will take place in your consciousness and you will never be the same person again.
In one of his poems, Tagore, a poet and Nobel laureate from Bangladesh expresses this inner transformation more eloquently than I can : "When old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart." To hear this celestial chorus, silence is indispensable. Be still within and behold the miracle that will blossom in the deepest recesses of your psyche --- the miracle that is not a flashy, showy phenomenon nor is it related to supernatural. It is entirely natural. It's a genuine awakening like no other. It is the expansion of your awareness, the deepening of your vision, and the softening of your heart. It is the gaining of perspicacity and wisdom. To paraphrase the Austrian writer, Franz Kafka, make a habit of being silent and the universal wisdom will reveal itself to you freely in ecstasy. It has to. It has no choice. The most valuable lesson I have learned through many years of solitude and introspection can be summed up as follows : Silence is the language that God uses to communicate --- the silence that is not merely the absence of words or sound. It transcends words, beliefs, and narrow confines of the intellect. It is in this silence that you will hear the divine music Shakespeare alluded to. It is in this silence that new melodies will break forth from your heart and you will be transformed into a fundamentally different person.
May God's unbounded love illuminate your heart and open your eyes to a deeper reality. May love be your creed and truth your guiding light. May the fire of love burn in your heart and purify you from within for it is your capacity to love that makes your truly human and therefore Godlike.
I have no religious or idealogical affiliation; but I'm convinced that the most profound spiritual wisdom humanity has ever expressed in words is in the book of John in the New Testament : "God is love. Whoever loves knows God and is born of God." May you be born of God anew everyday. May you grow in love.


Orchids Galore by Bijan Pirnia


Home Sweet Hometown Bathed In The Glow Of The Super Moon by Bijan Pirnia


Cottonwood In Our Favorite Garden by Bijan Pirnia


Natosi, The Sun God Of The Blackfoot Tribe by Bijan Pirnia


Sefkhet, The Egyptian Goddess Of Astronomy, Knowledge, And Wisdom by Bijan Pirnia


Eurydice, The Greek Oak Nymph by Bijan Pirnia


The Color That Preponderates by Bijan Pirnia


It Hares Down The Precipice. by Bijan Pirnia


A Triangular Window To The Lunar Terrene by Bijan Pirnia


Electric Cincture Wrapped Around The Trunk by Bijan Pirnia


Shapash, The Sun Goddess Of The Canaanite Pantheon by Bijan Pirnia


Our Winter Begins Around Mid October. by Bijan Pirnia


Tammuz, The Sumerian God Of Vegetation And Food by Bijan Pirnia


The Skis That Did Not Go To Waste But Made a Yard Fence by Bijan Pirnia


Pomona, The Roman Goddess Of Gardens, Orchards, And Abundance by Bijan Pirnia


Orbicular Pattern by Bijan Pirnia


Illuminated Needles by Bijan Pirnia


Artio, The Swiss Goddess Who Heralds The Beginning Of Spring by Bijan Pirnia


Joy Is Not In Things. It Is In Us. by Bijan Pirnia


Imagination Creates Reality. by Bijan Pirnia


Listen To The Wind. It Talks. Listen To Silence. It Speaks. Listen To Your Heart. It Knows. by Bijan Pirnia


Not Quite Arcadian But Close Enough by Bijan Pirnia


Knowing Your Own Darkness Is The Best Method For Dealing With The Darkness Of Others. by Bijan Pirnia


Every Day May Not Be Good, But There's Something Good In Every Day. by Bijan Pirnia


Once You Label Me, You Negate Me. by Bijan Pirnia


The Tyrant Dies, And His Rule Is Over. The Martyr Dies, And His Rule Begins. by Bijan Pirnia


Face The Facts Of What You Are, For That Is What Changes What You Are. by Bijan Pirnia


To Dare Is To Lose One's Footing Momentarily. Not To Dare Is To Lose Oneself. by Bijan Pirnia


After The Most Recent Venery by Bijan Pirnia


Derelict But Still Charming by Bijan Pirnia


They Were Made In 1929, But They're Still In Perfect Working Condition. by Bijan Pirnia


Justice Is The Only Worship. Love Is The Only Priest. by Bijan Pirnia


I Would Rather Have Questions That Can't Be Answered Than Answers Which Can't Be Questioned. by Bijan Pirnia


Our Quotidian, Westside Delight by Bijan Pirnia


Hurt Me With The Truth But Never Comfort Me With A lie. by Bijan Pirnia


There Are Treasure In Books That All The Money In The World Cannot Buy. by Bijan Pirnia


It Fills You With Ebullient Joy. by Bijan Pirnia


Morning Ataraxy by Bijan Pirnia


The Calm Before The Gale-force Wind by Bijan Pirnia


Superannuated Without Pension by Bijan Pirnia


Frills And Furbelows by Bijan Pirnia


The Guerdon by Bijan Pirnia


Many A Vertex by Bijan Pirnia


Connected To Carillon by Bijan Pirnia


Eschatology Is Discussed In This Church. by Bijan Pirnia


Ecclesiastic Comes From The Greek Root Ekklesia Meaning Assembly And Ekkalein Meaning To Summon Out. by Bijan Pirnia


Nature Is Not A Place To Visit. It Is Home. by Bijan Pirnia


Hey, Don't Look. I'm Takin' A Piss. by Bijan Pirnia